woensdag 24 oktober 2012

Creative treasures of Paris# 1. Le petit atelier de Paris.

A must see! A magical small shop full of handmade ceramics and housewares. The shop is owned by artists Jae-Hyun Cheong and Stéphane Froger and there cute Japanese dog Ponpon. Ponpon lives in his  minimal doghouse and has his own collection of books you can find on amazon. 
Everything in the shop is just perfect and besides the handmade products they also organize small exhibits for artists from all over the world, so there is always something new and delightful. I worked as a ceramist and the old love of making molds and decorating the products returned in this tiny shop. When you are planning a visit please check the site first. The shop closes for a few months during the year to create new unique pieces.
Visit the delightful blog and the webshop for more handmade gems.


Address: Le petit atelier de Paris
31 Rue de Montmorency
Hours: Thursday to Saturday 13h-20h

Image 2 spotted on http://lamaisondouce.canalblog.com
Image 5 spotted on http://remodelista.com

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