donderdag 20 december 2012

New water color paint.

Today I tested my new watercolor paint. It was so much fun and after a few sketches I made a new print and added it to my Etsy store.

My own Edition paumes Bureaux a la maison!

Inspired by the small designer studios of my latest Edition paumes post. I started photographing my own Bureaux a la maison today. My workspace is just perfect and full of collected gems. 

donderdag 13 december 2012

Inspirational Japanese book: Edition paumes

Bureaux a la maison is a nice small book about the coolest decorated small designer studios at home. 

Surprise box full of gifts.

WOW! Today I received a surprise box full of birthday gifts!! Part of the gifts was a hand painted bird pillow. The colors are so vibrant and the print is crisp sharp printed on fabric. 

vrijdag 7 december 2012

New Etsy item: magical winter paper puppet.

Due to the cold and snowy winter weather, i was comfy inside my small studio and made a paper puppet out of my illustrations. you can find the doll in my Etsy shop and make a paper installation yourself.

dinsdag 4 december 2012

Inspirational Japanese book: Yu Aoi Dandelion.

This is the most beautiful and my favorite wanderlust photo book. I found it in a small bookstore in Tokyo. It is a visual travel dairy of the japanese actress and model Yu Aoi who traveled together with photographer Takahashi Yoko through Russia. It reminds me of my own road trip trough Uzbekistan in central asia. Everything in the book is perfect and I'am completely in love with the textures, colors, clothing patterns and the rural soviet buildings in snowy landscapes.

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