vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

Paris moving city guide.

Yay, Back from Paris! Watch my moving city guide out of the 1368 photo's I took. 


Creative city tours - Paris (Kinomi.me) from Kinomi on Vimeo.

woensdag 24 oktober 2012

Creative treasures of Paris# 1. Le petit atelier de Paris.

A must see! A magical small shop full of handmade ceramics and housewares. The shop is owned by artists Jae-Hyun Cheong and Stéphane Froger and there cute Japanese dog Ponpon. Ponpon lives in his  minimal doghouse and has his own collection of books you can find on amazon. 
Everything in the shop is just perfect and besides the handmade products they also organize small exhibits for artists from all over the world, so there is always something new and delightful. I worked as a ceramist and the old love of making molds and decorating the products returned in this tiny shop. When you are planning a visit please check the site first. The shop closes for a few months during the year to create new unique pieces.
Visit the delightful blog and the webshop for more handmade gems.


Address: Le petit atelier de Paris
31 Rue de Montmorency
Hours: Thursday to Saturday 13h-20h

Image 2 spotted on http://lamaisondouce.canalblog.com
Image 5 spotted on http://remodelista.com

Creative treasures of Paris# 2. Vintage photo booth.

Immortalize your city trip with an Amelie photobooth experience. The new Bonton flagship store has installed a 1960's silver booth vintage photo booth completed with old curtains on the back and a wardrobe stand full of fun attributes to spice up your Paris memories. 

Bonton is the perfect shop to go with your kids. It features a cafe, a hairdresser, a book shop, children's furniture, and a confiserie.

Address: Boutique Bonton
5 Boulevard des filles du calvaire
Hours: Monday to Saterday 10h to 19h

Creative treasures of Paris# 3. Portes de Vanves Flea Market.

An off the beaten path weekend flea market full of old Parisian treasures. More than 300 vendors set up there little shops here.The goods are displayed on tables but also people sell from blankets and there cars. It is a real local market and perfect when you are too short on time to visit the big and less friendly Les Puces de Saint-Ouen. It is also more affordable here and with some bargaining you can find your perfect Paris souvenir. I carried home a bag full of old biology insects cast in plastic, a big piece of old coral, old flowers fabrics and some block print stamps. 

Address: Portes de Vanves Flea Market
Avenue Georges Lafenestre and Avenue Marc Sangnier,
Hours: Every weekend all year long, 7am to 2pm. Entry is free.

Creative treasures of Paris# 4. Merci.

Every time I visit Paris I take a quick browse at the Merci conceptstore. It is housed in an elaborately reconfigured 19th-century fabric factory. You can find furniture, a flower shop, designer fashion items, and other pieces for your interior donated by designers. Customers can fill their own bottles with perfume from Annick Goutal, or have a coffee in the used-book cafe.

But the most special and progressive part off Merci is that all the profits 
are re-funneled into a charity association helping women and kids in Madagascar 

Address: Merci
111 Boulevard Beaumarchais - 3rd
Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am-8pm

Creative treasures of Paris# 5. Muséum national d'histoire naturelle

Probably not a place most people would think of going to while in Paris, but definitely worth the visit and perfect with children. The museum consists of many departments where you can seen minerals, paleontology, anatomy. But my favorite part is the Grande Galerie de l'Évolution. It is stunning and displays thousands of animal specimens. When you are finish inside get some fresh air in the garden of Jardin de plants with offers 24 hectares of walks in the heart of Paris and is the perfect oasis to relax.

Address: Muséum national d'histoire naturelle
36 Rue Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire
Hours: Every day except Tuesday from 10am - 6pm

Creative treasures of Paris# 6. The Café Maure de la Mosquée de Paris.

The perfect stop to enjoy a sweet treat after a long day of wandering around is The Café Maure de la Mosquée de Paris. Enjoy the calm oasis of the mosk garden and drink a fresh mint tea and order some delicious arabic sweet pastries. When it gets late try a plate of traditional couscous in the inside restaurant with copper table tops.

Address: The Café Maure de la Mosquée
39 Rue Geoffroy St-Hilaire
Hours: daily 12.00 to 00.00

Creative treasures of Paris# 7. Objects de notre mémoire

For an unique vintage gift, look in the petit and totally stocked  Objects de notre mémoire. When you love old buttons, haberdashery, emphera and vintage toys this is the perfect store for you.

Address: Objects de notre mémoire
au petit bonheur la chance
Hours: daily except Monday

Creative treasures of Paris# 8. Salon de Thé Mariage Frères.

When you want to shop or drink the finest tea of the world you definitely have to visit  salon de Thé Mariage Frères. I'm in love with the long history of salon du tea Marriage Frères (Mariage brothers). From around 1660 the Mariage family began voyaging the world to find the finest tea on behalf of the royal court. They traveled with the French East India Company to Madagascar and went on several trips to Persia and India. The Mariage brothers Henri and Edouard Mariage opened the first tea shop in 1854 in paris. The packaging and graphics are stunning and inspired on the long tradition of tea trade of the company. Now you can find over 500 varieties of tea laid out apothecary style with a wall of teas that get measured by the gram into bags or tins. Around the store you would find a assortment of tea-flavored and tea-scented products with exotic names like Carres d'or- Marco Polo (with real gold) as well as delicate pots and cups for tea preparation. 

Address: Salon de Thé Mariage Freres
30 Rue de Bourg-Tibourg, 4th
Hours: tearoom daily -7pm
Hours: boutique daily 10.30-7.30

Creative treasures of Paris# 9. Marche des Enfants Rouges.

For excellent ready-to-eat food visit the oldest covered market in the city: Marche des Enfants Rouges. The market dates back to 1615 and its name literally means ´the Market of the Red Children, a name that was given from a 17th century orphanage near by where the children wore red uniforms.
While there are a handful of fresh ingredient vendors who sell fresh flowers, vegetables, meat, olive oils, and tapanades. The majority of the stands sell prepared food from all over the world. There is a variety of stalls offering Italian, Moroccan, Japanese, Lebanese and Organic dishes. The aromatic perfumes of the Lebanese food attracted me to the small outside restaurant were you can eat mjammie food for less than 10 euro.

Address: Le Marche des enfants rouges
39 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris, France
Hours: Mon-Closed
Tue-Thu 8:30am–1pm, 4–7:30pm
Fri-Sat 8:30am–1pm, 4–8pm
Sun 8:30am–2pm

Creative treasures of Paris# 10. Deyrolle.

Wow, this is perhaps the most stylish taxidermy shop you have ever seen. It's really more a museum than a store. The animals are displayed in antique wooden cabinets and are surrounded by jade green walls. You can find everything here from enormous giraffes, stuffed tropical birds, skeletons, bugs, lions, butterflies, minerals,and from botanical specimens to microscopes.

When you are short on time make a detour to Deyrolle. This is absolutely amazing and you will see nothing like it anywhere.

Address: Deyrolle
46 Rue du Bac
Hour: Monday 10am–1pm, 2–7pm
Tue-Sat 10am–7pm

Creative treasures of Paris# 11. Delphine Pariente.

An unique store with custom-made and one-of-a-kind items. It is a mix of carefully selected vintage treasures, clothing, clocks, jewelry pieces, and furniture put together with extraordinary attention.

Adress: Delphine Pariente
30 Rue de Charonne
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11.30 to 19.30

Creative treasures of Paris# 12. L'As Du Fallafel

Paris famous falafel restaurant. Not only for the regular visits from famous people like Lenny Kravitz but most of all for the delicious food. Great food, cheap, fresh, fast and very easy to get to after a long morning shopping.  When you have finished your food try some old-fashioned Jewish pastries from the bakeries in the tiny street as a sweet desert.

Address: L'As Du Fallafel
34 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris
Hours: Daily and Saturday closed

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My illustrations



I'am still working on a big explosion of new tutorials.

About me

Hello, My name is Kinomi.

I grew up in a small forest house surrounded by a lush garden full of small animals. In my childhood we had no television and in the winters I kept myself busy  drawing and painting my imaginations. In the summers I played in the forest together with foxy my red dog. I now work as an illustrator and textile designer and you can contact me for freelance opportunities or a warm cup of tea.
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